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Promo Builder Secrets: Increase Club Enrollment and Keep your Members Coming Back

As the holiday season comes to a close, it is a great time to focus on increasing your subscriber and club enrollment numbers, and to show your existing members some love! I’m excited to share a few tips for using Promo Builder to do just that!

As interested as they may be in your latest winery news, or vineyard conditions, they are mostly want discounts and offers. Make sure that consumers know what they will miss if they don’t subscribe to your newsletter or join your wine club! Then don’t forget to follow through with the specials that you promise.

Add copy to your site letting people know that if they subscribe to your newsletter, they will receive special offers. Make sure to include a link to your newsletter sign-up page. Your Home page, About Us page, and Pods, are great places to do this.

“Don’t miss our weekly Wine Special! Sign up for our Newsletter now!”

Who doesn’t love instant gratification? At the top of your product category pages, clearly list the discounts that club members receive, and include a link to your club sign-up page. This makes it easy for consumers to see that if they sign up now, they will benefit NOW. Create a sense of urgency and you'll get more sales.

“Club Members receive 15% off all purchases AND free shipping on a case or more! Join now to receive your discount.”

Use the Wine Teaser to show the club member price for your products. This way, consumers will actually see the discounted price as they browse your wines. You can even include a link to your club sign up page here as well.

Build your lists and foster customer relationships

As your subscriber list grows, make sure to keep your readers interested. Try sending out a weekly discount on one wine. Creating a new promotion (or two) each week, can seem like a lot of work, but if you use the same formula each time, you will cut down drastically on the time needed for testing.

The trickiest part about working with Promo Builder is understanding how different promotions will interact with each other. Once you understand the fundamentals, you will be able to customize the promotions to your specific needs much more effectively.  If the first rule of Promo Builder is Test Your Promotions, and the second rule of Promo Builder is, Test Your Promotions, the third rule of Promo Builder is to keep your club promotions separate from your non-club promotions

Let me explain. If you offer 10% off on a case or more to your non club members and you offer 15% off any quantity to your club members, you will need to build a non-club version and a club version of any special offers. The non-club version gets coupled with your 10% case discount and the club version gets coupled with your club member 15% discount (I know this can seem very confusing, but stick with me! Once you fully understand this, Promo Builder becomes way more fun). If you only build one special offer and couple it with both your 10% and 15% promotions, the special offer will act as a bridge between the two (effectively, coupling them) and your club members will get 25% off on a case or more(10% + 15% = 25%).  Your members will love this, but your bank account will not. Think of your CLUB and NON-CLUB discounts as two different tracks, and make sure those tracks do not cross. You will need to build a club and a non-club version of each discount that you want to offer (unless, of course, it is club only!) and be careful to never couple across tracks. Phew! Did you get all that?

Use rewards and incentives to build your customer base

The first step in figuring out how to build a special offer is to decide if it should be a discount ON TOP OF your existing discounts, or INSTEAD OF your existing discounts. This can sometimes go one way for club promos and the other way for non-club promos, even with the same special offer.

Special Offers that can work on top of existing promotions are great, because you do not have to exclude the product(s) in the special offer from the existing promotion, or remember to remove the exclusions when the special offer expires. The best time to use promotions that work on top of existing promotions is when the quantity rules are the same (e.g. applies to a case or more OR applies to any quantity).

Say you want to offer 20% off your merlot this week, for everyone (club and non-club), at any quantity. The easiest way to do this would be to set it up so that it is INSTEAD OF your non-club discount, and ON TOP OF your club discount (using the club and non-club promotion examples above).

Non-Club 20% off Merlot
Exclude the merlot from your 10% case discount (set a reminder for yourself to remove the exclusion when the special offer expires)
Couple with your non-club 10% discount
Set the promotion up as a 20% discount, that applies to any quantity

Club Member 20% off Merlot
Do not exclude the merlot from your club member discount
Couple with your club member 20%
Set the promotion up as 5% off any quantity. Because it is coupled with your club member 15%, the total discount on the merlot will be 20%.

ProTip: Use different Promotion Codes for the two promotions so that you can more easily track who is taking advantage of your offers, and use that information to change your messaging to your club member or subscriber list as necessary. Note: if you use the same promotion code for both discounts, the other promotion with the same promotion code will be listed as not applicable at checkout.

Time Saving Tip: Build out your non-club email and then just copy the Source Code into a new email and make the necessary changes to customize your blast for your club members.

It is always a great idea to set up and test your promotions before crafting your promotional campaign materials, so that you don’t end up trying to run a promotion that does not fit within the parameters of Promo Builder. If you have questions about promotions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or our Customer Care Team!

Thanks for reading; I hope you will enjoy working with Promo Builder just a little more now.

Your Promo Builder Nerd
(Molly Nardone)

Post By:   Jacki Wood
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