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Report Center: 5 Helpful Tips

1. Categorize your reports

Use Report Types to categorize reports. Once created, categorized reports can be easily searched by anyone within your organization.

2. Add descriptions guide other users

Use the “Description” Field in Step 1 of your Report Builder to explain the intent of your report. This way, anyone on your team can quickly and easily see what this report was written to do. This is perfect for sharing reports around your organization or keeping track of the reports you don’t run on a regular basis.

3. Copy/Duplicate reports

Under “My Reports” use the “Copy” feature to create your own version of reports that have been created by other users. Suppose that you are a wine club manager and you like a sales report your tasting room manger has created and shared. You can make a copy of that report and change the filters to focus on club sales rather than tasting room. This report can be saved and made private for club use only.

4. Filter by date range

In Report Builder, create a date range filter by entering two filters on the same field. One field representing the start date and the second field representing the end of that date range.

5. Sort fields for easier viewing

Sorting the fields in your report allows you to control how your report results appear in Excel. Field sorts are directly related to the column layout of these reports. The most effective way to sort your report is to first enter all of the fields you wish to see in your report to the “Selected Fields” section. Once your fields have been selected, you can do your sort on the selected fields using the up and down arrows. Further sorting can be added within the filters by adding a number in the sort field of a filter.

Now go forth, and start creating your own reports. You'll find that once you begin using the tool, it becomes easier to manipulate and find the data you're looking for.

Post By:   J. Wood
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