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5 Fantastic MoJoe Updates!

More MoJoe......5 updates MoJoe users have been waiting for.

Our POS team and engineers have been hard at work improving the MoJoe mobile POS product. Enjoy the fruits of their labor with these five fantastic updates and keep an eye out for more to come soon!

#1 - $0 Transactions
Your MoJoe device will now allow for $0 transactions to cover comp orders and waived tasting fees.

#2 - Inventory Handling
You can decide whether or not you would like orders processed on MoJoe to decrement your eWinery inventory.
*This feature is optional, please contact eWinery Customer Care to have it enabled.

#3 - Expanded Cash Amount Field

The cash amount field for entering cash payments on orders has been expanded to 7 digits to accommodate amounts of up to $9,999.99 to be transacted with cash payment.

#4 - Improved Login License Messaging

The login screen will no longer show a password error if a user attempts to login and all MoJoe licenses are in use.

#5 - Purchasers Member Type
New Customer accounts created as part of MoJoe Orders are now correctly marked with the "Purchasers" Member Type in the eWinery database.

Not a MoJoe user yet?  Contact our sales team today for a demo and pricing.

Post By:   J. Wood
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