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Sharpen your marketing edge with ListBuilder
As eWinery Solutions and Napa Valley POS have evolved, so too has the ability to capture information about your customers. The system has become a treasure chest full of valuable data about your customers. But what good is a treasure chest if you don’t have the key to open it? That’s where ListBuilder comes in. With this one powerful tool, you can unlock your customer data and put it to use to drive customers back to your winery and increase sales.
There are some really great ways to use ListBuilder, but let’s quickly take a look at the tool itself and learn a bit more about how it works. ListBuilder can be found in the admin panel within the Members section. When you enter ListBuilder you will see all of your existing Lists on the right and the option to create a new list on the left.

ListBuilder is a filter, not to be confused with a reporting tool. It was built to examine consumer behavior, preferences, and patterns and return the data on the member. It was not designed to produce raw data, as a report would do. The end output from ListBuilder is consumer contact information. This will include Name, Address, email address, and phone number. The idea is to give you the power to easily communicate with a defined subset of your customer base.

Getting back to the idea of filtering, consider the tabs at the top of the List Builder window a filter. The criteria selected in each of the tabs works together, so the more selections within the tabs, the smaller your results will be. Conversely, the fewer selections you make, the greater your results will be. If you don’t choose anything within the tabs, your entire customer database will be pulled into the list.
There are an infinite number of uses for ListBuilder, but I’ll share a few of the most popular with you to get your creative juices flowing.


It is inevitable that your wine club will have some expired credit cards in the mix, but knowing about them ahead of time and proactively reaching out to members before you process your club can save you a lot of time on the backend. Here’s how:

  1. Open ListBuilder and Create a New List by clicking on the green “plus” sign.  Give your list a name that you’ll easily recognize, as this is a list that you can use over and over again once it’s been created!
  2. Click on the Club Members tab. Select the club levels that you will be processing orders for in the near future by clicking on their corresponding checkboxes. 
  3. Select “Active” from the dropdown box labeled “Member Status.”
  4. In the boxes labeled “Credit Card Expires:” select “Before” from the first dropdown menu and then the month and year when you plan to charge the card. For example, if you are running your wine club in March of 2013 you would select “Credit Card Expires: Before March 2013”

Clicking on the Summary tab will give you a view of your results as well as the criteria used. This tab also gives you the option to download the list to a .CSV file which can be uploaded into any email marketing client such as Vertical Response, Constant Contact, etc.


Everyone loves a deal from place near home and they really like deals on wine! Setting up a list to identify a list of locals is easy to do and can help you market to those customers in your own back yard.

After you create a new list and give it a name, open the “Members” tab. 2/3 of the way down is “Zip Code.” You can enter any zip code and assign a radius in miles to consider when building the list. In the example below you’ll see that I’ve selected to search within a 25 mile radius of Napa.
The “The Summary” tab gives us a quick look into the results.


The Whale. The Big Kahuna. Call him what you will but knowing your customers who spend a lot of money is invaluable. With ListBuilder you can dig them out of the masses and put them on the pedestal they deserve.
Open ListBuilder and create a new list. The “Wine” tab contains fields that allow you to specify lifetime purchase criteria. In the example below, I’ve set it to find customers who have spent over $10,000 lifetime.
You can take that a step farther and find members who have spent a certain amount in a single order.
Putting the two together will give you a nice view into your big spenders. Typically, all these guys need is a small reason to make another purchase. Go ahead and give them one!


Keeping track of Active Wine Club members is a never ending task, but one that can be made easier with ListBuilder.
Under the “Club Members” tab, select a Club Level and choose “Active” from the “Member Status” dropdown menu.
That’s it. Now all you have to do is come back to this list and open the summary tab to see real time stats whenever you need them!


Have you ever found a special few cases of a library wine in the cellar and thought, “I wish I could offer this only to the customers who have purchased this before”? Well, List Builder’s got you covered.

Click on the “Wines” tab and enter a single SKU in the text box. Or, if you want to find results for multiple SKU’s you can enter more than one, separating each by a comma.
Now you have the ammunition to target a special offer to proven buyers of your hidden gem!
Post By:   Jacki Wood
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