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Three websites to uncover hidden traffic for your winery

#1 - Flickr

Flickr is a photo sharing site, and allows you to upload 200 pictures for free. Create a profile here, and add as many photos of your wines, vineyards, properties, and workers as you can.

How to make the most of it:
  • Join groups like this one for "Vines and Vineyards" and participate in the discussion. These sorts of groups provide direct access to highly targeted users.
  • Tag your photos with keywords and add unique descriptions to help people and search engines find them more easily.
  • Search for your brand, and leave comments on good pictures that have lots of views. You can drop a link to your website and encourage other viewers to stop by the winery.

#2 - Wineberserkers

Wineberserkers features a very active discussion forum, where some of the most influential wine drinkers hang out and discuss everything wine. If your winery sells a good cab for under $60, maybe you could share your suggestion with this guy.[/caption] If you work in the wine industry and have anything to do with selling or marketing wine, you need to be on this forum. If you aren't, you're missing out on the most active discussion board surrounding wine. With a ton of millenial users, its user base continues to grow, and this site is a great outlet to get free exposure and participate in relevant discussions about wine.

How to make the most of it
  • Create a unique profile for your business and include as much information in the "About" section. Add links to your website and latest releases.
  • Encourage your employees to create profiles and add links to your website in their signature.
  • Don't be spammy. Contribute to discussions, share your experiences at other wineries, or tasting notes you might have.

#3 - Foursquare

Foursquare is the most popular app for "check ins" and allows users to share their location with their social networks. Businesses can create profile pages and offer special deals and incentives for visitors who use the app to check in. Previously, businesses could not create a profile page, but just recently they announced a change to that.

How to make the most of it:

  • Offer a special "2-for-1" tasting for users who check in using the app, or some other incentive to get visitors through your door.
  • Add event notifications to the app, which can help extend your reach and gain more impressions for promotions.
  • Add a link to your website in your profile for SEO benefits
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Post By:   Jacki Wood
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