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November 27, 2012
Almost every week, we release a new website or a redesign of an existing customer. All too often, I see the same mistakes made, usually in the name of preserving some sort of "brand identity". However, content and design are not mutually exclusive. If you want a website that's going to attract engaged visitors, and rank well in search engines, you need solid content on every page. So when the time comes to refresh your website, consider reshaping it to include enough text on the homepage, a blog, a page for your awards, recipes, videos, social widgets, and other noteworthy and relevant topics.


November 5, 2012
Old school marketing methods aren’t yet dead, but they’re decreasing in effectiveness. As our world becomes more socially connected, and new technologies emerge, we have greater control over the messaging we’re exposed to. Consumers have the power to research, review, and share their opinions across a variety of channels. We share our stories on forums, review vacations on travel sites, and pull news from our favorite sites into RSS feeds. This virtual word-of-mouth drives consumer decisions and brings much more credibility than a brochure or commercial.


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